Family Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer

Simplifying Your Family and Divorce Matter

Simple Divorce understands the emotional and financial impact that a matrimonial matter can have on you and your family’s life.  Mix in the legal complexities involved in dealing with such matters and it can become overwhelming.  During such a sensitive time the expertise of a family and divorce lawyer becomes essential to assist with the variety of issues that arise in family law.  Our network of lawyers simplify the process during this turbulent time by upholding to the standards of the legal profession in their commitment to ensure the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Our vision since our inception has been to provide competent legal services while simplifying the process for our clients.  In order to facilitate our mission, our firm provides a free initial consultation for eligible clients.


Our family law services range from the simple to the most contested matters.  We understand that our clients are not generic and their needs vary from case to case. Different needs mean different solutions, and our fees have been structured to reflect this reality. In our experience, depending on the particular situation, individuals require one of the following three solutions:

1) Simple Divorce:  A simple divorce is just what it sounds like.  The parties in a divorce proceedings are only looking for a divorce and are not advancing any other claims.  A simple divorce may be initiated solely by one spouse or jointly by both spouses.

2) Separation Agreement: A separation agreement is an amicable way to resolve all outstanding issues relating to your divorce matter.  Negotiating a separation agreement with a family lawyer is an out of court solution to resolve your family law matter in a private manner.  This is an ideal solution to protect your rights while saving you the acrimony and costs associated with the formal court process.

3) Contested Divorce:  When negotiations fail it will become necessary to utilize the formal litigation process to uphold and protect your legal rights.  Whether you are the main applicant or are responding to a family law claim, we can assist you.


Simple Divorce is owned and operated by a licenced family and divorce lawyer, Usman Sadiq, who handles divorce and family law matters.  You may find Usman Sadiq registered as a licenced lawyer by visiting the Law Society of Upper Canada. Our firm provides a free consultation for eligible clients.  Our office is committed to answering all your questions and completing your divorce in an efficient manner.