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Simple Divorce understands the emotional and financial impact that a matrimonial matter can have on you and your family’s life.  Mix in the legal complexities involved in dealing with such matters and it can become overwhelming.  During such a sensitive time the expertise of a family and divorce lawyer becomes essential to assist with the variety of issues that arise in family law.  Our network of lawyers simplify the process during this turbulent time by upholding to the standards of the legal profession in their commitment to ensure the highest level of professionalism and expertise. Contact us to get a free family and divorce consultation and case evaluation.

Our vision since our inception has been to provide competent legal services while simplifying the process for our clients.  In order to facilitate our mission, our firm provides a free initial consultation for eligible clients.

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Family law in Canada is governed by a combination of federal and provincial laws. ‘Family law’ is an overview term relating to family-related legal issues. This includes topics such as marriage, separation, divorce, custody and access, child protection, division of property, child support, spousal support, and adoption. In a lot of cases, family lawyers are hired to deal with matters relating to financial negotiations on these subjects as well as inheritance issues. Family law firms in Toronto also offer assistance in the drafting and interpretation of prenuptial contracts and separation agreements.

Family law is primarily statute-based, meaning it is guided by statutes that apply to married people residing in Canada. The federal Divorce Act is an example. There are also lots of subcategory issues and issues relating to couples who are not married governed by provincial statutes. What these statutes vary from province to province and relate to matters such as division of property, child protection and child custody, and support matters relating to people who are not married.

Family lawyers are trained to represent clients in court and settlement negotiations. They prepare documents tied to prenuptial arrangements, separation, divorce, and custody. Family lawyers can also aid in dispute resolution, either through bringing a matter before the courts and asking a judge to make a determination, or negotiating directly with opposing counsel. In certain cases, family law firms in Toronto may offer mediation assistance, as in acting in a non-partisan manner and assisting both spouses to reach an agreement.

A family lawyer is there to help you through a difficult time. They can be leaned on as a resource and someone experienced in matters such as divorce. A family court lawyer can help you navigate complex family legal disputes, achieving the most favourable outcome for your given situation. Especially in areas where tensions are high, a family lawyer brings to the table extensive knowledge that can be put to use in your favour. As families make a transition following the breakdown of a relationship, a family lawyer is there to help and it all starts with a family lawyer free consultation.


Our family law services range from the simple to the most contested matters.  We understand that our clients are not generic and their needs vary from case to case. Different needs mean different solutions, and our fees have been structured to reflect this reality. In our experience, depending on the particular situation, individuals require one of the following three solutions:

1) Simple Divorce:  A simple divorce is just what it sounds like.  The parties in a divorce proceedings are only looking for a divorce and are not advancing any other claims.  A simple divorce may be initiated solely by one spouse or jointly by both spouses.

2) Separation Agreement: A separation agreement is an amicable way to resolve all outstanding issues relating to your divorce matter.  Negotiating a separation agreement with a family lawyer is an out of court solution to resolve your family law matter in a private manner.  This is an ideal solution to protect your rights while saving you the acrimony and costs associated with the formal court process.

3) Contested Divorce:  When negotiations fail it will become necessary to utilize the formal litigation process to uphold and protect your legal rights.  Whether you are the main applicant or are responding to a family law claim, we can assist you.

4) Asset and Property Division: Upon separation, a major goal for two married spouses is to come to an agreement on a fair division of property and assets. In Ontario, the Family Law Act stipulates that property division is subject to a regime called ‘Equalization of Net Family Property.’ The cumulative net worth acquired during a marriage is subject to equalization between spouses. This is to ensure each party is fairly compensated. To this point, ownership of a given asset does not hold legal relevance. If a spouse has accumulated more net family property over the course of a marriage, that spouse is then required to pay forth an equalization payment to the other. This equalization does not apply to unmarried or common-law spouses. For them, arrangements that relate to asset and property division will have to be made differently. A family lawyer understands the uniqueness of every family law case. The right solution in asset and property division for one family may not be the case for the next. We can help.

5) Children and Parenting: In a separation or divorce, when it comes to children and parenting matters, this is when emotions can flare. It is not uncommon for there to be significant disagreement about living arrangements, parenting schedules, and financial responsibilities tied to children and who has the decision-making rights in handling matters relating to healthcare, education, and religion. Custody is perhaps the area that is divorcing couples struggle with the most, although residential parenting schedules and physical time-sharing between parents can also be problematic. When tensions are high, a parent may conduct themselves to alienate the child from the other parent. These are difficult challenges for any parent or couple. Our family lawyers are here to help, prioritizing the child’s best interests and providing individualized advice to help guide you through dispute resolution.

6) International and Multi-Jurisdictional Matters: As a family law firm in Toronto, we see more family law cases than ever that engage in international, multi-jurisdictional affairs. These are more complex family law cases, requiring specific knowledge from your family lawyer as well as collaboration with other experts and professionals in other jurisdictions. In these matters, some of the disagreements couples may encounter are not only broader international issues but also prenuptial and marriage agreements, international divorces and separations, international relocation, division of property and assets, asset-tracing, remarriage, international child custody, and even child abduction. To this latter point, parental child abduction occurs when a parent takes or conceals a child from the other parent. As this applies to international matters, it is when a child’s taken from their home country or held in another country without a guardian’s consent. Regardless of the international or multi-jurisdictional matter, the earlier you get set up with a family lawyer in Toronto, the better. Early advice and swift action are key to resolving these matters as amicably as possible.

7) Litigation and Representation: Litigation is sometimes needed in family law cases. Matrimonial matters cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation. There may be safety or hardship issues as well that can necessitate the immediate involvement of a family court lawyer. Litigation refers to court proceedings. A lawyer engages the judge on your behalf to resolve a conflict and/or make a legally-binding court order based on the evidence and documents that get presented. An effective litigator argues in court in favour of your priorities. A family lawyer in Toronto will also work hard to resolve conflicts early on as opposed to putting you and your family through an extended court battle.

8) Child and Spousal Support: When a relationship ends, and a child is involved, family law has two glaring priorities to manage: child support and spousal support. The courts view cohabitation as a financial partnership. As a relationship ends, that partnership concludes, and financial assistance may be payable to either child or spouse. Whether it is or isn’t is decided on by a rather complex framework of federal and provincial guidelines. A family lawyer in Toronto can help negotiate, mediate, and participate in arbitration and litigation on your behalf relating to child and spousal support matters. Steps in this process may include looking at different child support and spousal support arrangements, retroactive support, income analysis and investigation, and enforcement and security for support. We will ensure your rights are advocated for every step of the way.

Family Lawyer Free Consultation: Things to Consider Before Hiring a Family Lawyer or a Divorce Lawyer

The best divorce lawyer in Toronto is one who is compatible with your needs, experienced with cases similar to yours, and knowledgeable about how to move forward. Not just any family lawyer in Toronto will do. You will want to understand what services are being offered. Do your research. There is a lot to look at when it comes to searching for a divorce lawyer in Toronto. It’s more than who has the best-looking website, the biggest practice, or the most publicity. Read reviews. Look at costs. If you know of friends who have gone through a separation, you can ask them for what family lawyer they used. Here are some tips, tricks, and things to keep in mind as you search for a divorce lawyer.

+ Opt For Calm and Level-Headed Lawyers Who Are Focused on Settling Your Case

+ Pick A Lawyer Who Does Not Plan to Use Dirty Tricks and Tactics

+ Your Family Lawyer or Divorce Lawyer Should Always Have Time For You

+ Your Family or Divorce Lawyers Should Be Prepared to Help You in Mediation

+ Between Aggressive and Assertive Divorce Lawyer, Choose the Assertive One

+ It is Better When Your Family Or Divorce Lawyer Has at Least 10 Years of Experience?

+ Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer From a Smaller Law Office is More Beneficial?

+ Your Family Lawyer Must Understand the Needs of Children

+ Custom Retainer and Fee Agreements


Simple Divorce is owned and operated by a licenced family and divorce lawyer, Usman Sadiq, who handles divorce and family law matters.  You may find Usman Sadiq registered as a licenced lawyer by visiting the Law Society of Upper Canada. Our firm provides a free consultation for eligible clients.  Our office is committed to answering all your questions and completing your divorce in an efficient manner.