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Family Lawyer Hamilton

Divorce in Ontario is a complex process. A consultation with a Hamilton family lawyer is strongly recommended if about to begin navigating the difficult route of divorce. In obtaining a divorce, a divorce lawyer at Simple Divorce can not only advise you on what options are available but will help minimize the costs as well.

Ending a marriage is not easy. In this highly emotional time, as you engage your former spouse in negotiating the terms of your divorce, most people prefer having a skilled divorce lawyer at their side. You may not know what to do next. A lawyer does.

Some divorces are very simple, with both parties already in agreement on most matters. Then, there are divorces that aren’t as amicable. With the latter, there may be noted disagreements, disputes regarding child custody and child support, issues surrounding who gets what assets and the division of property, and questions about spousal support. These are all things a divorce lawyer in Hamilton specializes in.

With regards to child custody and child support, at Simple Divorce, we always act in the best interests of the child, helping you figure out parenting time, guardianship after separation and divorce, and other details. As it relates to financial security, we can aid in examining how property is divided, what to ask for in terms of spousal support, and will ensure that your family remains financially secure following the conclusion of the divorce.

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To secure the services of a divorce lawyer in Hamilton, it all starts with a free initial consultation. You don’t pay a cent. Talk to a lawyer, explain your circumstances, and get their advice on what the best route moving forward is. At Simple Divorce, we want to keep things affordable and efficient for you. We can aid you with your uncontested and joint divorces, as well as drafting separation agreements. We’ll file the necessary court documents and help keep things simple, easy to understand, and fully explained to you every step of the way.

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Family Lawyer Hamilton

Save thousands of dollars on legal fees and protect your interests with expert legal advice

We believe going through the legal framework of divorce shouldn’t be tough. Have a Hamilton divorce lawyer at your side to guide you through the steps efficiently and without stress. Get started today by contacting one of our family lawyers now.

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Uncontested divorce by Simple Divorce Lawyer in Hamilton

An uncontested divorce avoids the ongoing litigation that can put you before the courts and cost you more than necessary to end your partnership. If you’re looking to end your marriage or common-law partnership without the emotional and harmful disagreements that are perpetuated in a lot of divorces, an uncontested divorce is a way forward. It’s inexpensive. It’s a lot kinder to both parties. Both spouses agree on the terms of the divorce without going to trial.

Why choose uncontested divorce?

You don’t need to head to court to resolve matters in a divorce. The first step, once a couple has decided they are seeking a divorce or separation, is to work out mutual terms between them. You may appoint a mediator for this or engage in arbitration with lawyers present. Regardless of how you do it, this saves you lots and lots of time, frustration, money, and litigation. This allows both parties to resume their lives, separate amicably, and work out what’s best for them.

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Contested Divorce Litigation

When there is disagreement in negotiating divorce terms and you cannot resolve it together, this then becomes a contested divorce.

  • Division of property
  • Division of debt
  • Custody of children, if any
  • Spousal support and/or child support

The matters above are all aspects of a divorce that are routinely contested in a divorce. Assuming you’ve already undergone the 1-year separation period before being legally allowed to grant a divorce, if there is still no agreeing on these and/or other topics, you will likely end up in court. At that time, a judge will be the one who makes these final decisions which many couples don’t like as it puts their future into the hands of someone else. A contested divorce will cost you more time and money, by far, and should be considered a last resort.

+ Contested divorce: Steps involved

Separation Agreement

For couples looking to part ways but who do not want to go through the emotional toll of divorce proceedings, a separation agreement is what’s used. This document defines rights and obligations going forward, following the dissolution of marriage. Assets, parenting, and support arrangements are made legally binding in a separation agreement, as decided on by both parties. At the same time, separation agreements can be challenged during a divorce. This is precisely where a family divorce lawyer in Hamilton can be highly beneficial.

Reasons for a separation agreement

You may seek out a separation agreement for several reasons:

  • You’ve lived together a long time with this other person and share a lot of roles or responsibilities that are to be divided up.
  • You may have had plans, such as sharing pension income and future retirement savings, which need to be decided on.
  • There are financial costs tied to raising children, including decisions such as who’s to pay for their education or should either party decide to relocate, that have to be outlined in a separation agreement.

Any dynamic in your relationship that you believe could be grounds for future misunderstandings can be avoided by investing the time in coming up with a separation agreement. This way, you can discuss these tough subjects without arguing and while there’s goodwill between both parties.

+ When should you use a separation agreement?

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

A foreign divorce opinion letter is what validates a foreign divorce in Canada. If you or your spouse has been married and divorced outside of Canada, this letter will be required for them to be legally allowed to marry in Canada. It is considered evidence of divorce, proof that divorce was carried out in a foreign jurisdiction, and will recognize said divorce in Canada.

A foreign divorce opinion letter is an authorization issued by the Minister of Government Services. It is required before a Canadian marriage license can be issued to the applicant.

+ Is a foreign divorce considered valid in Canada?

Experienced and Licensed Family Lawyer in Hamilton

Throughout the divorce process, you will have ongoing communication from your Hamilton divorce lawyer. You’ll be updated routinely on the latest, fully informed at all times about what’s going on.

While we know not every divorce goes smoothly, having a lawyer at your side can make sure that your rights are respected. A lot of things can impact a divorce file and none of it has to make its way into a courtroom. As a couple decides to separate, it’s our duty as your Hamilton divorce lawyer to help you make the right decisions and come to a satisfactory resolution. If we can do that privately between parties as opposed to going in front of a judge, that’s preferable for all parties.

Like in our name, at Simple Divorce, we specialize in simple uncontested divorces. Our prices are competitive for our industry, providing the opportunity to people from all backgrounds to retain an experienced, highly skilled Hamilton divorce lawyer. All of our divorce lawyers are licensed, thoroughly trained, and dedicated. We will ensure your divorce is handled in a competent manner, guaranteeing unparalleled service and commitment to getting you the decision you want.

Please contact our Hamilton divorce lawyer today to get the divorce process started.