Getting a divorce in Ontario does not have to be expensive. At Simple Divorce we pride ourselves in being able to offer low cost solutions for divorces and other related services. We do not charge clients on an hourly basis for simple divorce matters.  While contested divorce matters and negotiation of separation agreements are done on an hourly rate basis, we do offer block fees for specific stages of files for eligible clients.  We understand that a divorce can be an emotional event and the last thing you should worry about are hidden costs and unexpected legal bills.

Uncontested Divorce Fee

Uncontested Divorce Fee

Legal fee for Application Preparation and Initial Consultation – $300

  • Consultation
  • Preparation of the entire divorce application for a simple or joint divorce application

Legal fee for Processing, Serving and Management – $499

  • Filing your application with the court
  • Arranging service of your spouse by regular mail
  • Communicating with the court if any issues arise with your file
  • Please note that this fee only includes service on your spouse via regular mail. Additional fees may apply if personal service is required, or if your spouse is evading service or is missing.

Mandatory Court Fee – Please note that our fee is separate from the mandatory court fee of $447 (may be partially waived if you are eligible for a fee waiver)

  • This fee must be paid to the court
  • If you are eligible for a fee waiver based on low income, you will not be required to pay the full fee (please ask us for more details)

Please note that the above legal fee pricing is for simple divorce filings with the Toronto courthouse located at 393 University Avenue. For pricing for other courthouses across Ontario, please call 416-901-7992.

Certificate of Divorce

Certificate of Divorce

  • $120 This is optional- if you want to get married again you will require the Certificate of Divorce

Separation Agreement

Separation Agreement

  • As low as $500 if you only require our firm to draft a simple clean separation agreement, with complete waivers (this does not include financial disclosure or negotiations leading up to the agreement for family law issues such as property, equalization, child support or spousal support issues)
  • Additional fees apply if you require clauses relating to property, child custody, child access, spousal support, child support, the matrimonial home and etc.
  • Independent Legal Advice, additional legal advice, and negotiation services relating to your family law matter, including but not limited to property, equalization, child support and/or spousal support issues are billed at the firm’s standard hourly rate
  • Please call our firm for more detail on pricing related to separation agreement negotiations and legal advice

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

  • $199 for a divorce opinion letter. Required if you were divorced outside Canada and wish to remarry in Ontario

Litigation (Contested Divorces)

We also specialize in contested divorce matters which may require you to litigate your matter in court. In such situation an hourly rate may apply. Please contact us for more information.


*NOTE: Please note that the fees and pricing listed on this website are subject to change from time to time. The fees and pricing listed on this website may change without notice, and our firm will not be bound by any fee or pricing listed on this website. For an accurate quote for your particular situation please call 647-559-3468.

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