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With decades of experience, our divorce lawyers are prepared to pursue the desired outcome in your divorce case. Our professional lawyers can expedite legal proceedings while implementing effective solutions to protect your rights and interests.

  • A Payment Plan Tailored to Your Legal Matters

Obtaining a divorce doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on your financial situation, we can tailor your payment plan to match your needs. This will ensure you can obtain professional and legal divorce counsel no matter what.

  • Protecting the Rights of Thousands

Over the years, we have fought for and protected the rights of over 3,000 individuals in divorce cases. We maintain a careful and customized approach to the unique aspects of each case. If you are facing the prospect of divorce, we can fight for your rights, assist you and protect your interests.

  • A Law Firm that Focuses on Family Law Matters

Simple Divorce is an elite firm that focuses on family law, ensuring strong representation and exceptional services for our clients. We only have highly experienced family law lawyers who can handle tough divorce and other family law cases that require competence, education and experience.

  • Licensed Divorce Lawyers

All our divorce lawyers are licensed professionals who will take the time to listen to your case, walk you through the legal process, and create a personalized strategy for your divorce case. With the support and expertise of a dedicated legal professional by your side, various legal proceedings can be much easier.

  • Affordable Legal Services

At Simple Divorce, we remain transparent about our pricing policies, especially retainer fees. We ensure affordability and access for every client. When you retain our divorce lawyer, expect to pay an affordable retainer fee that matches your needs.

  • Top-Rated Legal Services

Our knowledge of family law and how it applies to different families and cases equips us to offer effective legal assistance and representation. Similarly, we have many years of experience handling thousands of divorce and family law cases successfully. As a result, our family law firm is highly rated among our clients. Check our ratings and reviews to get proof of our unmatched reputation.

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Call us for a free initial assessment over the phone. This is a no-obligation consultation and a chance to understand your divorce case better. Our lawyers will offer you straightforward counsel, helping you with your legal concerns and choosing the best course of action.

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Committed Divorce Lawyer Niagara

Legal separation and divorce can be life-changing and devastating to families everywhere, no matter the reason for it. That’s why the team of highly skilled divorce lawyers at Simple Divorce is ready to help you navigate this challenging process. Our lawyers will not only walk you through the legal process of divorce but also recommend a cost-effective approach to resolving your family matter.

Coming to terms with the choice to end your marriage is one of the most haunting decisions you will ever make. We have seen it – over the past decade, we have engaged with thousands of couples battling the anxiety, confusion, and intense feelings linked to divorce. While this experience isn’t easy, we strive to be compassionate and handle their distressing family-related issues confidentially.

Our skilled family lawyers always do their best to make the entire divorce process smooth. When you choose to engage our family law lawyers, rest assured of getting reliable, affordable, and effective legal representation. We promise to prioritize your rights, needs, and interests no matter how complex your divorce case is.

Free Consultation

At Simple Divorce, we’re committed to providing reliable legal advice and guidance for couples navigating the complex divorce process. We pride ourselves on implementing a personalized approach, tailoring our legal services to to meet your needs while prioritizing your interests and rights.

Also, we invite you to start this journey with a complimentary, obligation-free consultation. This is your opportunity to connect with a highly experienced Niagara divorce lawyer. Our legal professional will attentively listen to your concerns, understand your circumstances, and guide you through the various legal options suitable for your separation or divorce case. During this initial meeting, our lawyer will also take the time to explain the entire divorce process.

Rest assured that our dedicated divorce lawyers will manage all aspects of your divorce case, from the preparation and submission of initial documents to negotiating with the other party’s legal representatives. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to explore your legal options.

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Niagara Divorce Lawyers

Dependable Legal Advice and Solutions at Your Side

The divorce lawyers at Simple Divorce believe that all separation agreements and divorce processes can be handled smoothly and peacefully. To achieve this, you need experienced divorce lawyers to guide you and fight for your rights. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need legal assistance or representation in your divorce case.

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Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in Niagara

Your divorce lawyer may recommend an uncontested divorce. It is an option that allows you to minimize costs and save time by eliminating time-consuming litigations. Additionally, a contested divorce can be emotionally challenging to couples and their families.

If you opt to go through an uncontested divorce, you can rely on our professional help. We will handle all negotiations with the other party’ and legal team on behalf of your solicitor. We will also review all relevant agreements before you sign – this is necessary to ensure the agreements are within the legal requirements of your marriage contracts if you have one and the family law.

Pros of an Uncontested Divorce

Choosing an uncontested divorce means you want to resolve all matters out of court. A series of discussions must occur between you and the other party to agree on and set the divorce terms. With the help of an experienced arbitrator or mediator, you can set mutual terms and resolve disputes regarding children, property division, spousal support, and other issues related to divorce.

This practice will ensure that a proper and peaceful resolution is met. Remember, an uncontested divorce process can save you money and time and eliminate the frustrations associated with going through court processes and disputes Moreover, you can easily resume your life after setting the divorce terms.

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Contested Divorce Litigation

Sometimes, the parties involved in a divorce process may be unable to agree on the divorce terms or find an amicable solution. This is often considered a contested divorce. In most cases, a court may need to intervene, resolve disputes, and make the final decision regarding child custody, asset and property division, child support, parenting time and division of debt. Remember, the parties involved in this type of divorce should undergo a mandatory one-year separation period and, in the end, fail to agree on the divorce terms.

So a judge will need to assess the case and make a final decision. This litigation process can be complex and overwhelming to the people involved. Also, the final decision might not match the specific interests involved. Remember, contested divorce matters take longer to resolve and are costlier than uncontested divorce.

+ Contested Divorce – Here's What to Expect

Getting Ready for Trial in a Contested Divorce

Most people find a trial in court very intimidating and overwhelming. However, with a proficient Niagara divorce lawyer, you can prepare your opening and closing arguments and leave witness cross-examination to the lawyer. Also, you have peace of mind knowing that a professional is fighting for your rights and protecting your interests.

A trial can also be emotional for the parties involved. With our lawyers, you can seize every opportunity to fight for your rights and get the best possible outcome.

Separation Agreement

If you and your partner decide to separate, it’s important to have a written record outlining how various legal matters pertaining to your legal and separation agreements were addressed. This legal contract must be signed at the time of separation and is widely known as the separation agreement.

A separation agreement is a legally binding document that outlines your rights on a broad range of matters such as spousal support, child access, debts, child custody, support, assets, wills, and more. Considering the importance of this document, it’s best to have a reliable divorce lawyer in Niagara to help you draft and review this document.

+ When a Separation Agreement is Necessary

When will you use the Separation Agreement?

Although the law doesn’t require you to get a separation agreement, having one is a less costly and easier way to address various issues related to your separation before you move the legal issue to trial. You can use this document to do the following:

  • If you and your spouse don’t meet the legal conditions to get a divorce, you use the separation agreement as an alternative to divorce.
  • Define and clarify the obligations of either party before filing for divorce.
  • State and clarify when a separation began. This information may be necessary if you plan to file for a divorce.

Remember, a separation agreement can be challenged in a court trial, particularly if it’s legally binding or its terms are unreasonable. However, it remains an important document that can ensure both parties’ interests and expectations align after divorce or separation.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Were you granted a divorce in a foreign jurisdiction and want to remarry in Canada? If so, you need a foreign divorce opinion letter to validate your divorce in Canada. This is a simple, legal document that’s acceptable proof that your divorce, although granted in a foreign jurisdiction, is recognizable in Canada.

This document is often issued by the Minister of Government Services and is a prerequisite to getting a marriage license in Canada, especially if you were divorced in another country.

+ Is a Foreign Divorce Acceptable in Canada?

Licensed and Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Niagara

When you choose our experienced divorce lawyers in Niagara, expect a high level of respect, confidentiality, and professionalism to support you throughout the divorce process. We will facilitate effective and timely communication, keeping you updated about the progress of your separation or divorce case. This is our promise to you.

At Simple Divorce, we handle all issues pertaining to your family law matters, including property division, spousal support, child support and full custody and more. When you reach out to us, we will provide the assistance you require to ensure your divorce process is less overwhelming. Our lawyers are available to discuss the options available to you. This may include peaceful legal issue resolution through litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

We understand that not all family disputes can be resolved without the involvement of a court. If you and your spouse cannot agree on various responsibilities, we will help you prepare for a trial. Remember, you need a competent divorce lawyer in Niagara to help you rebuild your life. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.