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Simple Divorce was founded by Usman Sadiq, a Toronto divorce lawyer.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Simple Divorce truly provides an affordable alternative to get a divorce in Ontario.  In addition to divorce services, Simple Divorce specializes in assisting clients with separation agreements, prenuptial agreements, and foreign divorce opinion letters.  While our divorce firm is centrally located in Toronto, Ontario, we serve the entire Greater Toronto Area and all of Ontario.

Professional Expertise

Our divorce firm is staffed by a divorce lawyer and staff which are professionally trained to provide an efficient option for a divorce in Ontario that is affordable, transparent and focuses on justice.  We understand the important implications that arise when spouses divorce in Ontario and believe in access to justice for all.  That is why our divorce firm has designed our divorce service in a manner that is accessible to everyone.  We take the time to properly advise our clients of their rights and pay attention to detail in order to ensure that you can make an appropriate decision regarding your divorce.  In addition to assisting with getting a divorce in Ontario, our divorce firm can help you with a separation agreement, prenuptial agreement and a foreign divorce opinion letter.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our service and our clients extends to our affordable rates and transparency of our divorce process.  Our divorce office offers a free consultation to all prospective clients and ensures they are provided with a thorough explanation of the divorce process.  In our opinion, what sets us apart from other Toronto family lawyers offering divorce services is the competitive pricing, exceptional preparation and high quality service at our divorce firm.

Contact our divorce firm anytime at (416) 901-7992 if you need help in getting a divorce in Ontario or drafting of a separation agreement, prenuptial agreement or foreign divorce opinion letter.

NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The material posted on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult with a family lawyer

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