Divorce Process

Many spouses thinking of divorcing are scared of the divorce process.  At Simple Divorce we make sure that we stay true to our name by keeping it simple!  If you retain our firm to handle your divorce, the divorce process will be simple and easy.


Listed below is the divorce process at our law firm:

Step 1 – Contact us by calling us at 416-901-7992 or via email at info@simpledivorce.ca

Step 2 – Receive information about the uncontested divorce process.

Step 3 – We will prepare your Application for Divorce.

Step 4 – We will file the necessary documentation with the court.

Step 5 – We will serve your spouse with a copy of the Application for Divorce.

Step 6 – We will commission your Affidavit for Divorce.

Step 7 – We will set-down your divorce with the court.

Step 8 – A judge will decide whether to grant a Divorce Order.

Step 9 – The divorce will take effect 31 days after the judge makes the Divorce Order.

That is the entire divorce process at our firm!