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All our divorce lawyers and family lawyers have over two decades of combined experience in practicing family law. We will leverage our experience to expedite your case process and uncover the most efficient solution to protect your rights and interests.

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No matter your current financial situation, we are ready to help. We offer flat retainer fees and customize your payment plan to match your needs. This way, you can still access the legal representation you need.

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Over the years, we have served more than 3,000 happy clients. We are still committed to bringing the same resolve and passion to your case. Our lawyers can handle both simple and complex issues related to family law.

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When you seek our legal representation services, rest assured that an experienced lawyer who focuses on family law will be assigned to your case. All our divorce lawyers in St. Catharines are well-versed with all family law provisions in Canada and will fight for your rights.

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At Simple Divorce, we have a team of licensed divorce lawyers who work tirelessly to minimize the stress of divorce cases for our clients. Thus, your case can be less overwhelming to you and your family when you choose to work with our family lawyers.

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We understand that disputes and disagreements related to family law can take a toll on your finances. That’s why we offer affordable retainer fee options. Therefore, you can expect professional services that match your budget.

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We are the leading family lawyers and divorce lawyers in St. Catharines. To understand our commitment to family law practice and all cases we take, check testimonials from our clients. Be sure to check our ratings on various platforms.

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Committed St. Catharines Family Lawyer

The divorce process can be overwhelming to the parties involved and their loved ones. Luckily, having an experienced family lawyer on your side can help you navigate this complex process and offer an efficient solution. We aim to educate you on your rights during the divorce process and help you understand your legal options.

We understand the financial burden that comes with divorce and separation. Therefore, we will work with you to uncover other better alternatives to resolve your family issues out of court. This way, you can reduce the costs associated with your separation and divorce case.

Opting to end your marriage isn’t easy. At Simple Divorce, we have helped many couples battling the confusion, stress, and anxiety that come with separation and divorce. We aim to be more than just legal representatives. We strive to be understanding confidants, providing compassionate, confidential, and comprehensive legal services.

When you choose our divorce lawyers in St. Catharines, you’re not just hiring a team of licensed and highly experienced family lawyers. You are engaging professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services and ensuring a smooth transition.

Free Consultation

Our team of divorce lawyers and family lawyers is dedicated to helping families from diverse backgrounds access comprehensive legal services related to family law. We understand that every divorce or separation case is unique. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing a tailored approach, ensuring timely and effective solutions that always prioritize our client’s best interests and rights.

Your journey with us begins with a free initial consultation. This allows you to talk directly with a licensed family lawyer about your divorce case. The lawyer will provide insights and advice on the best course of action. Note that our legal services don’t stop at mere guidance; we handle everything related to your divorce case – from filing essential documents to carefully negotiating with opposing counsel. Contact us today to get reliable lawyers in St. Catharines.

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St. Catharines Divorce Lawyers

Affordable and Professional Legal Services at your Fingertips

It’s possible to resolve separation and divorce matters in an efficient and smooth manner. At Simple Divorce, we are ready to guide you, protect your interests, and fight for your rights while ensuring the peaceful resolution of your family-related issue.

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Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in St. Catharines

One of the options a divorce lawyer in St. Catharines may recommend is an uncontested divorce. This option allows you to save time, money, and other resources by avoiding time-consuming litigation processes. Also, contested divorces are often overwhelming emotionally, especially for the parties involved and their loved ones.

If you choose to go through an uncontested divorce, our experienced lawyers at Simple Divorce are ready to help. We will help you prepare all necessary documents and negotiate divorce terms with the other party’s legal team. Also, we will help review all agreements before you sign them and ensure they are in your best interests and within the law.

Advantages of Uncontested Divorce

Suppose you opt for an uncontested divorce. In that case, all your divorce matters will be resolved without a court trial. Extensive discussions will still be held between the divorcing parties to agree on important terms of divorce. Indeed, an arbitrator or mediator can help the parties involved in the divorce work out favourable terms regarding spousal custody, property, children, debts, and more. This way, they can easily reach an appropriate resolution.

Keep in mind that an uncontested divorce will save you time and financial resources. It will also eliminate the frustration associated with taking a divorce case to court. That means you can easily resume your routine smoothly even after going through a divorce.

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Litigation of Contested Divorce

If the parties involved in a divorce cannot find an amicable solution to their family matters, this is referred to as a contested divorce. It takes a court intervention to resolve various divorce aspects such as child support, property division, child custody, division of debts, and more. The divorcing couple should have completed the 1-year separation period and still failed to resolve their family matters amicably.

Note that nearly all contested divorces are resolved in courts. That means a court judge will assess the divorce case and the information provided and make the final decision. Unfortunately, this process is time-consuming, costly, and sometimes may not align with the interests and needs of the parties involved in the divorce case.

+ Contested Divorce Process

Preparing for a Trial

The general court trial experience may be intimidating for the divorcing couple and their loved ones. This is why it’s recommended to hire a knowledgeable family lawyer to handle the trial preparations. At Simple Divorce, we have lawyers committed to ensuring each case they undertake is handled carefully and gets a favourable outcome.

Our lawyers will help prepare the opening and closing arguments, handle witness cross-examination, and take all necessary steps to protect your rights. We know the frustrations associated with court trial processes, and we promise to take advantage of every opportunity to ensure you get the desired outcome.

Separation Agreements

When you and your partner finally decide to end your marriage union, it is recommended to have a detailed record that outlines the issues pertaining to your mutual separation and how those issues should be addressed. This is a legally binding document signed by a couple at the time of separation – it’s referred to as the separation agreement.

The document highlights each party’s rights on different divorce matters, such as child custody, property division, spousal support, and more

When a Separation Agreement is Necessary

You may want to get a separation agreement if:

  • Shared duties with your spouse, ranging from household tasks to financial commitments, require clear collaboration post-separation.
  • If you have intertwined financial lives—joint savings, shared plans, or combined incomes—a separation agreement outlines the distribution of these assets and resources.
  • When children are involved, their future becomes paramount. A separation agreement details arrangements, from custody to educational expenses, ensuring their welfare remains unaffected.

Disagreements after separation are not uncommon. A well-drafted separation agreement provides clarity, reducing potential disputes. Having reliable legal guidance during the divorce process is crucial. Our experienced divorce lawyers can ensure that the separation agreement is comprehensive, fair, and mutually beneficial. This can protect both parties’ interests.

+ When to use the Separation Agreement

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

If you have undergone a divorce outside Canada and aim to remarry within its territories, it’s essential to be aware of the foreign divorce opinion letter. It’s a simple legal document that serves as an affirmation of your foreign divorce’s validity in Canada. Despite your divorce being finalized in another jurisdiction, this document ensures its acknowledgment in the Canadian legal system.

The Minister of Government Services is responsible for issuing the foreign divorce opinion letter. Before you think of tying the knot again in Canada, having this document in hand is imperative.

+ Is every Foreign Divorce recognized in Canada?

Licensed and Experienced Divorce Lawyers in St. Catharines

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most challenging times in anyone’s life. The emotional toll, coupled with the legal complexities, can be overwhelming. It’s essential to have a trustworthy, experienced, and professional advocate by your side. Our team of seasoned divorce lawyers offers exactly this kind of support.

At Simple Divorce, our team comprises licensed and highly experienced lawyers who approach each case with the utmost professionalism. Indeed, we understand that every family issue and situation is unique, and thus, we tailor our legal services to fit your specific needs. Your personal and financial information, as well as the details of your case, are treated with the strictest confidence.

A divorce can mark the end of your marriage, but it also signifies the beginning of a new one. With the proper legal support, you can navigate this transition with confidence and hope. Let us be the pillars you lean on during this trying time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.