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Oakville Family Lawyers Offering Alternative Dispute Resolution

Choosing a family law lawyer can be difficult. You want someone who will not only provide the right advice but also be committed to doing right by you, representing you in court proceedings if your family law matter comes to it, and drafting legal documents.

When you get a divorce in Ontario, you want a highly skilled and experienced divorce lawyer in Oakville at your side. Family law matters aren’t always straightforward. Legal assistance can help resolve complex custody disputes.

As your Oakville divorce lawyer, it’s our duty and commitment to you to ensure you get the legal guidance required to protect your rights during divorce proceedings. Some of the areas our family law firm specializes in include contested divorces, simple uncontested divorces, separation agreements, and more. Offered at an affordable price, you can have the expertise of a divorce lawyer at your fingertips when you need it most.

In addition to the legal advice a lawyer provides, they can also help you through what can be heated, emotional arguments around topics like child custody, child access, child support, spousal support, and division of property. A divorce lawyer in Oakville can also help with dealing with annulments and common law claims. No hidden fees. No large legal fees. Only competent legal services can help handle your family law matter quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly.

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If you are going through a divorce or family law dispute and would like a free in-office consultation, we can offer some guidance. During a consultation with one of our Oakville divorce lawyers, they will walk you through your legal rights and obligations after hearing your story and the details of your divorce. With any divorce, there are of course various actions that can be taken. A lawyer can advise you on what the right pathway is for your needs.

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Divorce Lawyer Oakville

Access expert legal advice at an affordable cost, saving you time and stress

Divorce is hard enough going through even when it’s simple and amicable. You don’t want to invest more time and money than you need to. Oakville family lawyers can help eliminate the complexity, keeping things as close to simple and stress-free as possible. For further information on our legal services, contact a divorce lawyer now!

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Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a lot more affordable, a lot faster to process, and is endlessly less frustrating than being tied up in litigation and court proceedings. If you want to end your marriage without going through the hassles of divorce court and there aren’t any major disputes or disagreements that need to be resolved, an uncontested divorce is an optimum option. Define the terms of the divorce without having to go to trial.

Why choose uncontested divorce?
An uncontested divorce is a lot more civil, easier on all parties, and affordable. This is why a lot of couples going through a divorce or separation opt for this method. This way, they can either use a mediator or even bring a lawyer to quietly resolve any differences. Going to court for divorce can be lengthy and hostile. It typically leaves a bad taste in both parties’ mouths after the fact. An uncontested divorce rips off the bandage, so to speak, offering a quick pathway to the termination of a partnership.

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Contested Divorce Litigation

A contested divorce is what we call a divorce where there’s something to be contested or a disagreement that isn’t resolvable privately or through mediation. This is often tied to the custody of children or child support payments owed to either a child or former spouse as spousal support. Division of assets and property, or division of debt are also common reasons for contested divorce litigation. A contested divorce is unfortunately what will cost you the most time and money, not to mention the emotional toll. It is generally preferred to try to resolve differences before getting to court, however, if you cannot, the only way forward is to end up in court and submit your divorce application before a judge. It is they who will make the final decision on the matters that cannot be agreed on by the divorcing couple.

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Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is needed if you are looking to part ways with your former spouse but do not want to go through the traditional divorce costs, processes, and struggles. This is a document that will clearly define what rights and responsibilities are held by each party on the dissolution of the marriage. Separation agreements typically identify how assets will be divided and detail how parenting or support arrangements will be carried out, thus it is one of the necessary documents. Have Oakville divorce lawyers review it. Please note, that either partner can challenge a separation agreement in court during the divorce process.

Reasons for a separation agreement

There are lots of reasons to look at getting a separation agreement. There may be a question of how finances will be divided post-marriage, such as if there is pension income. All costs relating to children and spousal support also have to be discussed. You likely have lots of things shared between you that you acquired as a couple. These assets or roles have to be divided as well. These are all reasons to look at getting a separation agreement. Having it verified through a divorce lawyer is key. This document is all about avoiding misunderstandings and outlining responsibilities going forward.

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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

A foreign divorce opinion letter is needed when you or your spouse has been married and divorced outside of Canada. Their divorce order has to be certified in Canada, in order to allow you to proceed with marriage in Canada. Written by a divorce lawyer in Oakville, a foreign divorce opinion letter will act as evidence that a divorce occurred in another jurisdiction and that the stipulated persons are free to marry in Canada. This is a legal necessity for anyone previously married in a non-Canadian jurisdiction.

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Family Lawyer Oakville

At Simple Divorce, our legal team can help make your divorce a little easier on your family. Resolve complex family law matters efficiently and keep costs low. From property division to child custody, child support, and spousal support, we specialize in these matters and more. A divorce lawyer in Oakville can aid with all of it.

After we hear the details and circumstances surrounding your divorce, we will provide a comprehensive strategy to approach your separation while defending your rights and obligations. A family lawyer can participate in early negotiations around a separation agreement, if you like, or be brought in to immediately initiate the process of taking your divorce to court. It’s our job to listen to your needs, circumstances, and goals, and to come up with the best legal strategy that suits them.

Contact us today for legal help with your divorce. We can help guide you through what can be a very difficult and uncertain time.