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Clients need a practical and solution-oriented approach to their family law issues. We provide our clients with practical and strategic legal advice. Our lawyers develop creative solutions to achieve our clients’ needs and objectives.

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The divorce process is complicated and emotionally charged. Our family lawyers focus on providing every client with personalized attention. They seek to exceed clients’ expectations by delivering prompt and effective legal solutions.

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Our clients love working with us; they can attest to the fact that we are skilled family law lawyers and strategic legal advisors. Our lawyers are reliable and accessible. Above all, we provide top-quality services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Over the years, we have handled numerous divorce cases in Kingston with amazing results. Since we specialize in family law, we understand all the new developments on the collaborative family law front. We have a wealth of strategies that we can use to obtain a favourable outcome for your divorce case.

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You can access our legal services even if you are working on a constrained budget. We have flexible payment options; we will offer a personalized payment plan that suits your unique financial situation. Despite offering top-notch legal services, we do not overprice our services. We are transparent about all our retainer fees. We will not surprise you with unexpected expenses.

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Perhaps you are not even sure whether you should file for divorce. You should take advantage of our free phone consultations. You can speak to a lawyer who will evaluate your situation and advise you. For example, we will advise you on your family law matter whether you should pursue a contested or uncontested divorce.

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A divorce is among the most stressful experiences you can face in your life. Even if your divorce seems easy, it can still be a very trying and emotional process. You must consider many factors when you decide to end your marriage. Having an experienced family lawyer can make the divorce process easier. A lawyer will take certain tasks, like preparing the divorce paperwork, off your plate. If you collaborate with your partner, you can settle your divorce out of court. However, if you disagree on some aspects of the divorce, the case will proceed to trial, where the judge will make a judgment. With the help of your divorce lawyer, you will present your facts, and your spouse will do the same. The judge will decide on all the terms of your divorce.

Our lawyers at Simple Divorce understand the stress and confusion that surround the divorce process. We will do everything possible to make the process of dissolving your marriage as painless as possible. We put our clients’ needs first, no matter how complex a divorce case is.

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With our free consultation, you will have the opportunity to speak to an experienced family law lawyer who will advise you on your legal options. If you decide to file for divorce, we will guide you through the entire process. We will handle all the divorce paperwork and negotiate with your spouse and their lawyer. We as family law lawyers are committed to helping all clients, irrespective of their background. Since every client is unique, we employ an individualized approach to handling our client’s cases.

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Kingston Divorce Lawyers

Reliable legal advice and affordable legal representation for a smooth divorce process.

Your divorce or separation does not have to be chaotic. Our experienced divorce lawyers, Kingston, can handle your divorce process in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Our lawyers will defend your rights at every stage of the divorce process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in Kingston

When you decide to file for divorce in Canada, you can pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is easier because spouses work together and agree on all the divorce issues. The issues include spousal and child support payments, property issues, and parenting issues. For an uncontested divorce, a couple must agree on most or all of the issues of their divorce. There is no need to appear before a judge if you decide to pursue an uncontested divorce. However, it is advisable to consult an experienced family lawyer beforehand. If you and your spouse feel that you can work out your divorce issues without going to court, you can consider pursuing an uncontested divorce.

Benefits of Uncontested Divorce
Either spouse can initiate a divorce in Canada. If one spouse files for divorce and the other spouse doesn’t file a response, the court system assumes that both spouses have agreed to end the marriage. In an uncontested divorce, spouses not only agree to end the marriage but also agree on the terms of the separation. Since the terms of the divorce are agreeable to both parties, they do not need to go to court. Therefore, an uncontested divorce is concluded much faster, even within two months. An uncontested divorce is also more affordable since you don’t have to face a lengthy legal process. Uncontested divorces are also less stressful for all the parties involved.

+ How Our Lawyers Can Help

Contested Divorce Litigation

You may file for a contested divorce if you and your spouse cannot agree on issues like who gets what after the divorce. You can also disagree about child custody, property division, and alimony. A contested divorce is characterized by legal battles that can be lengthy and difficult to resolve. A contested divorce is also a costly process. Since spouses are unable to agree on divorce terms, they must appear before a judge. The judge decides the case based on the information provided by the spouses and their lawyers. During a contested divorce, you will complete pre-trial steps like negotiations and settlement offers. When your case proceeds to court, you and your spouse will undergo questioning.

+ What to Expect in a Contested Divorce

How to Prepare for Trial in Contested Divorce

Especially if you have never faced trial before, appearing before a judge can be intimidating. You need reliable legal counsel to help you prepare for trial. Our lawyers at Simple Divorce will help you gather the necessary documents and evidence. We will also represent you during the court hearings. We have your best interests at heart. We will do everything in our power to secure a positive outcome for your case.

Separation Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements

Since a divorce takes time to complete, having a separation agreement can be helpful. An agreement makes it easy to resolve issues like property division, child support payments and parenting agreements. If you have a written agreement, the divorce process is easier since you will have agreed on all the important aspects. You can negotiate the terms of the separation in a written agreement signed by both spouses. The law doesn’t require you to have cohabitation agreements. Even if you don’t have an agreement, you can still apply for divorce. If you have an agreement, the court can include it in the court order. If you have no agreement, the court makes an order that addresses all the issues.

A Legally Binding Separation Agreement

The following are necessary for an agreement to be legally binding:

  • Both spouses must be honest and open about their financial situations
  • There must be a complete disclosure of significant assets and liabilities
  • The agreement must be in writing and bear the signatures of both spouses. The spouses must have signed in the presence of a witness.
  • Both spouses must have entered the agreement willingly, without duress
  • Both parties must understand the terms and provisions of the separation agreement
  • Each party should receive independent legal advice

Especially where children’s rights are involved, the agreement could be subjected to judicial review. The court could even override the terms of the marriage contracts or the separation agreement.

Preparing a Separation Agreement

It is possible for spouses to prepare their own separation agreements. However, it is best to have a lawyer negotiate and prepare a separation agreement. The separation agreement defines each spouse’s rights and obligations. Therefore, you should be certain that your rights and obligations are safeguarded before you sign a separation agreement. If each spouse is not represented by a family lawyer, you should at least consult your lawyer before you sign the agreement.

A separation agreement can be used as follows:

  • It can serve as an alternative to divorce
  • It outlines each party’s responsibilities and obligations before the divorce
  • It clarifies when the separation commenced

The court doesn’t have to uphold the separation agreement, especially if the court feels that the agreement is unfair or unreasonable.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

A foreign divorce opinion letter is a legal document required to verify that a divorce outside Canada is valid in Canada. When you divorce outside Canada, you may be eligible to remarry in Canada, provided you have a divorce opinion letter. When applying for a foreign divorce opinion letter, you will need the following documents:

  • Marriage license application
  • Statement of sole responsibility
  • Divorce Decree
  • A signed statement confirming your residency in the divorce jurisdiction

+ Whether a Foreign Divorce is Valid in Canada

Licensed and Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Kingston

Facing a divorce is one of the scariest and most traumatizing events you can ever experience. Divorce ranks among the top five most stressful relationship situations. When you decide to file for divorce or when your spouse serves you with a divorce petition, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. A divorce lawyer has your best interests at heart and will safeguard your rights throughout the divorce process.

At Simple Divorce, we have experienced family lawyers, who handle all aspects of property and collaborative family law. We can represent you in cases involving child custody, property division, alimony, and the sharing of assets and liabilities. We will explain your options, including whether you should pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. Our lawyers first try to settle divorce cases out of court. However, if you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement out of court, your case proceeds to court. Our lawyers will not leave your side even if your divorce case proceeds to trial.