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As you’re contemplating how to make it through a divorce, rest assured that an experienced, dedicated team of divorce lawyers in Kitchener can provide the legal advice you need.

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Instead of guesswork as to how much a divorce costs, receive a flat fee from the start of our work. Know exactly what you will be invoiced, with the option of a payment plan.

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Minimize your stress. Protect your rights. Thousands of happy clients did so with Simple Divorce and they made it through their separation with the best possible result for their situation.

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In a lot of divorces, there are disputes about all sorts of topics, from finances to children. Our full-service team of family lawyers is knowledgeable enough to handle every imaginable topic as it relates to separation and divorce.

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Every divorce is unique. We know that. Our experienced divorce lawyers have taken cases to court when needed, initiated settlements, and have helped resolve divorces fairly and amicably.

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We offer affordable retainers, competitive with industry standards, ensuring that you can plan a path forward in your divorce with the right legal advice and without overpaying.

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It’s a complex process of navigating the legal framework around child custody and divorce. Our near-perfect Google Review rating demonstrates the dedication, professionalism, and attention that we give to all of our clients.

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During your initial phone consultation, explore the individual issues and concerns at play in your divorce with a lawyer who can provide you with the right advice and get your questions answered.

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Family Lawyer Kitchener

Are you looking to get a divorce in Ontario? A Kitchener family lawyer can help. Receive guidance from legal professional on how to move forward through the legal processes of obtaining a divorce and make it easy on yourself. Some of the divorce lawyer services offered through Simple Divorce include drafting separation agreements and handling matters in uncontested and joint divorces.

Any divorce is difficult. Even an amicable one. It’s so often a very emotional time that is only worsened as one goes deeper into the complex divorce system in Ontario. At Simple Divorce, we will set you up with an experienced divorce lawyer in Kitchener. The first step is a totally free consultation. In that meeting, a divorce lawyer can let you know what avenues to take and what legal steps are best to pursue given your unique circumstances.

Should you decide to hire a Kitchener divorce lawyer through Simple Divorce, our next step is to start gathering the information we need to begin the divorce process. At this stage, we can help you draft court documents, file documents, and, of course, at every stage, we will be there to explain what is happening and ensure your legal rights are being respected. We work hard to keep our clients up to date on the latest in their court cases, ensuring you are never wondering what’s going on or where things are tied up. With Simple Divorce, you’re in good hands.

Connecting with one of our divorce lawyers in Kitchener, we will conduct a thorough interview very early on to fully understand your situation. This is also to ensure that you are fully informed on our practices so we can start work on details relating to your divorce.

There are often legal issues within a divorce that will have to be tackled as well. Child support, child custody, dividing property, and spousal support are all things a Kitchener divorce lawyer can help with. No matter what issues you’re facing, we are here to make your divorce go as smoothly as possible and to help counsel you at various stages in the divorce proceedings.

In an effort to limit how expensive divorce in Ontario is, some couples choose to move forward with a simple uncontested divorce. This is where we specialize. When you retain a divorce lawyer in Kitchener, it shouldn’t mean you’re on the hook for large legal fees. We want to work with you to get your divorce done as efficiently as possible and at an affordable price for you. Trust Simple Divorce when you want a low-cost option in processing your divorce in Ontario.

Free Consultation

If you are stuck on a complex family law matter, please reach out. Family law lawyers in Kitchener are available for consultation at no cost to you. For difficult dynamics inside a divorce or questions about what your legal rights and obligations are, contacting a lawyer at our firm is your best course of action. Discover what possible course of action there are to proceed.

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Family Lawyer Kitchener

Receive tested, reliable legal expertise and save thousands in unnecessary legal fees

For those about to enter into a divorce, it doesn’t have to be any harder than it needs to be. Be efficient with your time and money. Get started with a family lawyer at your side, ready to act on your behalf for your interests. Contact a Kitchener divorce lawyer now!

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Uncontested Divorce by Simple Divorce Lawyer in Kitchener

If you are getting divorced and more or less agree on everything going forward, you having nothing to take to trial. Pursuing an uncontested divorce, you save time and money. You turn your divorce into a simple matter of paperwork and coming up with a separation agreement that addresses issues such as property division and debt division, spousal support, and child support or related parenting arrangements.

Why choose uncontested divorce?

There are many reasons to opt for an uncontested divorce, for couples that can. It doesn’t turn your divorce into an emotional fight. It’s a lot less expensive, saving you thousands of dollars. It’s a lot less frustrating. Particularly with parents, an uncontested divorce keeps everyone on good terms. While some disputes might be unavoidable, if you can successfully resolve them without heading to court, it’s often the best approach. You can resume your life quickly post-relationship, and can avoid entirely the litigation and trial process.

+ How can we help?

Contested Divorce Litigation

Every divorce has a few areas where disagreements are likely:

  • Division of assets and debts
  • Division of property
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Parenting time and guardianship

A part of the reason why the courts mandate spouses to have a minimum 1-year separation period prior to seeking a divorce is, in part, to find some agreement on these topics. If you still have not in that time frame, you’re likely leading to a contested divorce. This means the divorce is taken before the courts and a judge will rule on all disputes and disagreements. A contested divorce takes a lot more time and money, and is likely to be emotionally taxing. As challenging as it is, you absolutely will want an experienced lawyer to lean on for advice and guidance.

+ Contested divorce: Steps involved

Separation Agreement

A separation agreement is used by couples who are separating to outline how assets and responsibilities will be split between the two parties. This type of agreement is used frequently by couples who want to avoid long and expensive divorce proceedings. It’s always important to have a family lawyer review your separation agreement prior to signing. This type of agreement can assist with a smooth divorce process and be used in the required 1-year separation period while couples wait to be allowed to seek a divorce.

Reasons for a separation agreement

  • To avoid future misunderstandings as you seek a divorce.
  • To divide property, assets, and finances between two parties who are no longer living together.
  • As a precursor to an eventual divorce agreement.
  • To plan out how items such as pension income or retirement savings will be divided.
  • To plan out the cost of educating children that you may have.

A family lawyer can provide much advice on how to put together a separation agreement as well as identify what matters should be addressed in consideration of your unique circumstances.

+ When should you use a separation agreement?

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

When you or your spouse have been previously married and then divorced outside of Canada, to legally marry in Canada, a foreign divorce opinion letter is required. This letter acts as evidence that a foreign divorce has occurred, allowing the once-married and now-divorced party to marry again. A foreign divorce opinion letter is the only way to validate a foreign divorce in Canada.

This letter is taken as an authorization issued by the Minister of Government Services to show that the foreign divorce is complete and that a Canadian marriage can now be allowed to proceed. It is only at that time that a Canadian marriage license can be issued.

+ Is a foreign divorce considered valid in Canada?

Experienced and Licensed Family Lawyer in Kitchener

Our divorce lawyer is licensed to practice law in Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada. They are professional, trained, and will ensure your divorce file is handled in a competent manner. At all times, we promise you our best effort and service to ensure we uphold the highest standards in family law in the province.

Our mission is simple. Affordable, low-cost divorce in Kitchener that is convenient and easy. At Simple Divorce, get set up with a divorce lawyer to get started on your divorce and minimize the stress of having to navigate the process alone.

For more information on obtaining a divorce in Ontario, please contact our Kitchener divorce lawyer.