Family Lawyer Toronto

If you are looking to get a divorce in Ontario it is highly advised that you consult a Toronto family lawyer who can advise you of your rights and assist you in obtaining a divorce.  At Simple Divorce our Toronto family lawyer has experience in handling uncontested and joint divorces, along with drafting separation agreements.

A divorce is an emotional experience and this journey through this difficult time should not be compounded by you having to navigate the complex divorce system in Ontario.  When you obtain the services of Simple Divorce, you will get a free initial consultation with our family lawyer in Toronto who will inform you of your options along with what route is best for your particular situation.

After the initial consultation, our Toronto family lawyer and staff will collect the necessary information to begin the divorce process.  The process of drafting court documents and filing documents can be confusing, but our Toronto family lawyer will take care of this and will make the process as simple as possible for you.  Throughout the process you will be kept up to date by our family lawyer in Toronto to ensure that you are not left in the dark about any issue.  We strongly believe in keeping our clients informed to ensure their peace of mind through this difficult time.

The services that our Toronto family lawyer offers are not limited to just filing out some forms.  We thoroughly interview our clients to understand their situation and advise them of their rights relating to family law in Ontario.  It is extremely important that our clients are informed – that is why we are transparent in our practices and provide dependable and honest advice to our clients.

There are various legal issues that may arise that may affect your divorce file, including child support issues, child custody issues, property issues and spousal support issues.  In our free initial consultation our Toronto family lawyer will go through the various issues and how they may impact your file to ensure that your divorce file is processed smoothly through the legal system.

We understand that a divorce should not be an expensive process.  Since we specialize in simple uncontested divorces this ensures that our prices are competitive for our industry.  Retaining a Toronto family lawyer should not mean that you should be charged an exorbitant legal fee for a process that can be done efficiently at an affordable price.  Trust Simple Divorce to ensure that your divorce in Ontario is processed without have to break the bank!

Our Toronto family lawyer is licensed to practice law in Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  This means that your divorce file is handled in a competent manner and ensures a high level of service.  Furthermore, because our family lawyer in Toronto is licensed this makes our firm accountable to you and the law society for our services.

Our mission at Simple Divorce is straightforward; we strive to provide a low cost divorce option that is convenient for our clients.  Please contact our Toronto family lawyer now to get the divorce process started.

For more information on obtaining a divorce in Ontario, please contact our Toronto divorce lawyer.

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