Uncontested Divorce and Joint Divorce in Ontario

The terms ‘uncontested divorce’ and ‘joint divorce’ refer to ways in which the application for a divorce proceeds through the Ontario court system.

An uncontested divorce may occur where you and your spouse agree on the issues relating to your divorce.  In an uncontested divorce you file an Application for Divorce and serve your spouse with the Application for Divorce.  When your spouse fails to file an answer within the stipulated time period under the Divorce Act, the divorce will be treated by the court in Ontario as an uncontested divorce.

A joint divorce is exactly what it sounds like.  In this type of divorce both spouses file the Application for Divorce together.  Essentially you are both informing the court that you would like to get a divorce.  A joint divorce is much quicker to file because there is no requirement to serve the other spouse with the Application for Divorce.

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